About GoDigital conference

Digital world 2020 - lessons learned

Coronavirus has changed the world and our behaviour instantly, where digitalization played a crucial role in our ability to work, cooperate, communicate. Just when we thought digital transformation has become oldfashioned, there is new twist to it. As initial change was inevitable to avoid economic freeze, economies need to plan and implement short and long term strategies become more resistant and to exploit lessons learned and the opportunities digital technologies provide. To gain resilience, we must re-think strategies for supply chain digitalisation, high-performance digital infrastructures and manufacturing automation, just to mention few. Upskilling the workforce with digital skills is a must to enable remote work and challenge the future of work.

Artificial Inteligence providing new competitive advantages, influence of robotics, data as a new economic fuel, Internet of things connecting the world in a secure way – all leading to a humane and ethical digital society.

What is a global view and how is EU approaching this challenge? Will Slovenia understand the potential and exploit the opportunity?
Conference GoDigital 2020 is organized by the Association for Informatics and Telecommunications at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia and by ICT Horizontal Network, SRIP PMIS in cooperation with other partners. At the conference we expect more than 500 participants, interesting content, current topics, the latest trends, examples from practice and many other interesting topics.


Združenje za informatiko in telekomunikacije

Igor Zorko, President of the Association of informatics and telecommunications
e- naslov: igor.zorko@zzi.si

Nenad Šutanovac
, Director of the Association of informatics and telecommunications
e-naslov: nenad.sutanovac@gzs.si

Andreja Lampe
, Head of ICT Innovation Network
e-naslov: andreja.lampe@gzs.si

Maruša Boh
, Event manager/PR
e-naslov: marusa.boh@gzs.si

Halis Tabaković,
e-naslov: halis.tabakovic@gzs.si

Mateja Pucihar Baebler,
Office manager
e-naslov: mateja.baebler@gzs.si