About GoDigital conference

GoDigital 2023 - Your data, your superpower!

How to use the power of data and artificial intelligence to create business value?


The conference GoDigital 2023 is the largest independent business conference on the topic of digitization in Slovenia. This year edition will be held on November 14that Brdo pri Kranju Congress Centre.


The conference will host both domestic and international experts. The main theme of the conference GoDigital 2023 - Your data, your superpower! - will focus on harnessing the power of data and artificial intelligence to create business value.


Data is the lifeblood of the economy and the driver behind innovation. In today's business world, they are already key to the success of companies and organizations. Data brings opportunities that we are not yet aware of. Businesses can gain valuable insights about their customers, products, and services, enabling them to improve their operations and make informed decisions.

Digital data are key to driving business innovation, as it enables the development of new products, services, and business models. They are also essential for implementing sustainable practices, circular business models and digital passports.


We learned, also through ChatGPT, the transformative power of artificial intelligence in society and the risks connected to it. The same applies to businesses – with your data, AI will release and enable unprecedented levels of digital business, innovation, and competitiveness.

Every organization needs to consider and plan how to use their data to innovate and create business value.


At the conference, we will also award the GoDigital Award 2023 for the best digital project of the year.


The conference, which expects more than 400 participants from the private and public sector - both organizations that use information solutions and representatives of the ICT sector - is welcoming all business and digital decision-makers.


Don't miss the GoDigital 2023 conference. See you on November 14th!"





Združenje za informatiko in telekomunikacije

Igor Zorko, predsednik ZIT
e- mail: igor.zorko@zzi.si

Nenad Šutanovac
, direktor ZIT
e-naslov: nenad.sutanovac@gzs.si

Andreja Lampe
, direktorica projektov
IKT-horizontalne mreže,
e-naslov: andreja.lampe@gzs.si

Maruša Boh
, organizacija dogodkov in PR, e-naslov: marusa.boh@gzs.si

Flavio Fuart,
samostojni svetovalec
vodja projektov
e-naslov: flavio.fuart@gzs.si

Ines Vlahović, samostojna svetovalka, 
vodja projektov

e- naslov: ines.vlahovic@gzs.si

Mateja Pucihar Baebler,
e-naslov: mateja.baebler@gzs.si

Tomaž Čebela, svetovalec

e-naslov: tomaz.cebela@gzs.si

Katja Novak, vodja pisarne

e-naslov: katja.novak@gzs.si


Za več informacij o dogodkih, ki jih organiziramo izpolnite kontakni obrazec.