About GoDigital conference

Digital and green transition – The path of winners!

The GoDigital – Just do IT conference is the largest independent business conference in the field of digitalisation in Slovenia. This year it will take place on 24 November 2022, at Brdo pri Kranju.  It will host both domestic and foreign experts. The main theme of the GoDigital – Just do IT conference will be opportunities for businesses in the double (digital and green) transition.

The dual, green and digital transition already affects all parts of our economy, society and industry and represents an important part of sustainable business. New technologies are needed, as well as investment and innovation. New products, services, markets and business models are created. This transition creates new types of jobs that do not yet exist today and which will require skills that we do not yet possess. There will be a shift from linear production to a circular economy.

Achieving the European Green Deal is a key task for the European Union if we are to achieve climate targets by 2030. On the other hand, the digital transformation of the entire economy, not just the digital sector, is key to realising the vision of the Digital Decade and increasing the competitiveness of the European economy on a global scale.



Združenje za informatiko in telekomunikacije

Igor Zorko, President of the Association of informatics and telecommunications
e- naslov: igor.zorko@zzi.si

Nenad Šutanovac
, Director of the Association of informatics and telecommunications
e-naslov: nenad.sutanovac@gzs.si

Andreja Lampe
, Head of ICT Innovation Network
e-naslov: andreja.lampe@gzs.si

Maruša Boh
, Event manager/PR
e-naslov: marusa.boh@gzs.si

Flavio Fuart,
e-naslov: flavio.fuart@gzs.si

Mateja Pucihar Baebler,
Office manager
e-naslov: mateja.baebler@gzs.si